Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jealousy...the ultimate motivator

When I get back to the office, I am immediately going to pitch the idea to a restaurant owner of being a 100% donor for our event. 

As I was sitting at the conference and hearing all of the locations that have 100%'ers, I got really jealous.  Like, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach jealous.  Like, I wanted to pee in someones Cheerios jealous.  (That may have actually been socially acceptable with this crowd, btw.) 

(another office - me - another office)

I have a plan.  I have a restaurant owner in mind who I think would actually see the benefit of this large donation.  I think he may actually say yes.  Of course, this will ruffle some feathers for other restaurant owners, but I could give a shit...they can certainly step up to the plate if they'd like to complain.  I want a 100%'er so badly! 

And, why really? 

Because I am competitive.  What I learned this week is that my office is doing (most) everything right.  We have great marketing materials.  We have an awesome group of Ambassadors (with a few changes), and we have great, high profile restaurants, plus a willing community of diners.  Knowing that there are offices across the country who shit the bed in some of these areas, yet they have 1, 2 or even 5 of their restaurants who donate 100% makes me absolutely mental. 

I mean come on!  You can't form a single sentence that makes sense, and there is a restaurant owner who has the confidence to give you all of their sales on a particular day?! 

My competitive nature is certainly a huge personality conflict if I'm not able to keep it in check.  Some employers like it.  Some don't.  I *think* my current employer would appreciate the accomplishment of securing a 100%'er - along with some of the headache that will come from it (which honestly, will fall on my shoulders anyway). 

I'm doing it...mark my words.  If I don't, I'll eat my shirt.

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