Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Talk of semen will make you popular with the gays

We ate in a Top Chef Contestant's restaurant tonight, which was a huge disappointment.  The meal took 3 hours, served family style (with very small portions) and was just painful.  Obviously, the chef was not a winner, because OHMYGOD!

Feeling the need to start some lively conversation, I casually mentioned if anyone had seen the cookbook "Natural Harvest." 

Can you believe a table full of gay men didn't know there was a legit cookbook whose main ingredient is semen?!  Yeah, me either!  For the next hour there was discussion of collection, storage and flavor of semen.  I offered up that you can keep the ingredient in ice cube trays and freeze it, as you would preserve...say...pesto.  We were all disappointed that there are 61 pages in this book and not 69, which would be more appropriate.  We also wondered how the author would "sign" copies.

Two people ordered it on the spot.

Everyone emailed the link to friends. 

The conversation jumped from table to table and I heard "just google cooking with cum" more than once.  I now feel complete.

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